When Dr. Franz Thomastik and Otto Infeld started working together in 1919, they had a grand vision: their aim was to create high-class musical strings for stringed instruments. This impetus was achieved with the successful development and commercial launch of the steel core string with flat wire winding. This vision changed the small workshop, employing 2 persons, into a company with an international dimension. Today Thomastik-Infeld is world market leader in the production of musical strings for stringed instruments and it maintains business links with all five continents. Thomastik-Infeld is the market leader in quality and strives for constant innovation to satisfy the wide-ranging demands of musicians.

Thomastik Alphayue Violin String Set

Thomastik Spirit Violin String Set

Thomastik Precision Steel 4/4 Size Violin Strings 4/4 Set

Thomastik Superflexible Violin Strings Set 4/4

Dominant Violin Strings

Thomastik Vision Violin Strings
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