We are a full service violin shop featuring instruments made both in our shop as well as the finest instruments from around the world.
We strive to bring you the very best products at competitive prices with unbeatable service.
We want to give you all the convenience of an online retailer while giving you the expertise of you local string shop.
Whether it be an item as small as a mute or the instrument you have waited your whole life to get, we are here to ensure that you get the product that is perfect for you.

The Alexi Strings Difference

Every Instrument we sell goes through a rigorous setup and inspection process.
Don't be fooled by others who say that their instruments are "Shop Set Up".
All this means is that the instruments were set up at the factory and will always
need to be adjusted and much more which can cost upwards of $100.00.
Each of our instruments are set up in our shop to ensure the best playabilty, tone and tuning.

Our set up includes:

-New Bridge-
-Adjust, Trim or Replace Soundpost-
-Cutting the nut slots-
-Adjustment of tailpiece-
-Fitting the tuning pegs-
-Installing fine tuners as applicable-
-New Strings
-Clean & Polish Instrument-

Afterwards, all instruments are played and readjusted if needed to ensure the instrument is perfect when you recieve it.
Our pledge is to provide our customers with the best possible products at competitive prices whether it is for a student
or professional, whether it is a violin or any accessory.